Everything I learned from my two-week dopamine detox (and why you might want to try this yourself!)

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through YouTube, lost in the endless stream of recommended videos before one particular title caught my attention. The video I saw out of the corner of my eye was called How I Tricked My Brain to Like Doing Hard Things.

I was intrigued. At first, I thought — “what could that be about… probably one of the many clickbait self-help videos that cycle through people’s YouTube feeds regularly.”

But the title caught my attention just enough to make me curious. …

Whether your an aspiring entrepreneur trying to start a company, a budding researcher looking to leave your mark on your discipline, an investor trying to properly educate yourself, or someone entirely different, there’s do doubt that building a strong technical competence in your respective field is invaluable.

Having strong fundamentals and a grasp on the technical aspects of a discipline is what separates the speculators from the seasoned investors, the research apprentices from the experienced scientists, and the basement entrepreneurs from the innovative visionaries.

Given this importance, it’s incredibly valuable to be able to efficiently build technical competence in whatever…

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If you’ve been following DeFi for the past few months, you may have started to see more news about the fully decentralized lending protocol Liquity.

It offers a host of novel features that make it one of the most promising projects in the DeFi space to date, and has brought forward a variety of innovative improvements to crypo-lending.

If you want to learn more about the protocol and the technical details behind how it works, the team has put together a comprehensive explanation on the Liquity Docs and actively answers questions in the Liquity Discord.

In this guide, I’m going…

There’s no doubt that the effect of psychedelics on the brain is one of the most interesting unexplained mysteries of neuroscience to date.

Psychedelic drugs have the ability to completely alter our state of consciousness and transform our sensory perception, which is curious considering the fact that we have not the slightest clue how sensory perception and consciousness is brought about from the signals of our brain, and yet some of the simplest compounds are able to completely drastically alter our mental state.

Within the realm of psychedelics, one particular psychedelic stands out as an incredibly powerful and interesting substance…

How artificial intelligence can be used to reason through some of the most complex puzzles known to man.

Go is an ancient board game that is thought to have originated in China 4000 years ago. What’s amazing about it is that it has remained one of the most complex board games in existence and its popularity has only risen since its creation thousands of years ago.

In essence, the game involves two players, one playing white pieces and the other playing black pieces. The players take turns adding their pieces to the board until the majority of the board has been covered. …

The Matrix is one of the greatest all-time classics of sci-fi films. The enticing story, following everyone’s favorite actor Keanu Reeves as the main protagonist Neo, takes place in a post-apocalyptic society where humans are plugged into a virtual world where they live, while robotic creatures feed off of their energy.

One of the most notable and interesting features of the movie is the fact that the protagonists, who have escaped the virtual world (don’t worry that’s not a spoiler it happens at the beginning), can make use of the virtual technology to download massive bodies of knowledge into their…

The 19th century was beginning to come to a close, and an unassuming man named George Eastman was in his home, working to create a new contraption which he believed could make a huge difference. His new machine, which he would call a Kodak Black, was the first consumer camera to ever be created.

Back in Eastman’s time, cameras were expensive pieces of equipment that were reserved almost exclusively for professionals. The unwieldy parts and confusing mechanics made it difficult for ordinary consumers to work the devices. …

When babies are born, they know almost nothing. Especially human babies. In fact, human infants are one of the dumbest types of infants in the animal kingdom. They have almost no agency on their own and they rely entirely on their parents, or whatever adults are around them. So what makes these mindless blobs of cuteness turn into the smartest creatures on the planet? Let’s take a look.

When infants first come into the world, their minds are an open book. Since they don’t understand things like language yet, there’s really only one way that they can learn: observation.


Today, there are an estimated 20 zettabytes of data available online. If you have absolutely no idea what a zettabyte is (just like me when I first read that stat), allow me to explain to you how huge that figure is.

Why don’t we start out by understanding what a byte is? The byte is one of the smallest measures of data. A single byte consists of one character and nothing more. The letter ‘a’ or the number ‘2’ or any other such character is a byte.

If we zoom out by a factor of 1000, we are now at…

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