Using artificial neural networks to solve banks’ problems

Why should you care about banks?

Here’s an example of the money flow brought about by a bank

How do banks earn money?

What could possibly go wrong?

How can we avoid this?

My project: creating the artificial neural network.

What is an ANN?

This is what an artificial neural network looks like.

Using ANNs to analyze bank customer data.

Implementation of the ANN

Checkout my ANN!

Key Takeaways

  • Banks provide financial stability and security to many people and they stimulate the economy.
  • Banks earn money by taking a small upcharge on the money they loan to people. This upcharge is known as interest.
  • Banks can get into trouble if they loan out too much money and customers want to withdraw money
  • We can use an artificial neural network to predict whether customers are likely to keep their money with a bank or withdraw their money and leave a bank. This would help banks out as they would be able to determine how much money they should be loaning out.
  • ANNs are algorithms that attempt to simulate the function of the human brain to make correlations between data points and make predictions. We can use them, in this case, to help out banks.

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Adam Maj

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